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 What Story Will You Swallow and What Fable Will you Follow?


Yes, we’ve all seen the film, and what a stir it caused. Did you inwardly ponder ‘what if the matrix is real?  I know I did.

Philosophers and mystics have always believed there is something more tangible beyond this physical universe.

The Matrix movie suggests that the world is a digital virtual reality, created as a human habitat into which our minds are plugged into. 

The theory of another CONSTRUCT beyond our own, is mathematically sound.

Physicists now believe there could be up to eleven dimensions or more!

“…Based on the apparent beautiful harmony between mathematics and physics, it seems feasible to me that mathematics is physics – that our perception, our lives, our existence – is all simply a mathematical construct.”

Up To Eleven Dimensions!



Bible prophecy makes it clear that this present fabrication, is controlled and manipulated by a powerful force.

This force blinds the human mind to accept unquestionably this fabrication as normal.

 Jesus the Messiah said there was a power controlling this world:

I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe. I don’t have much more time to talk to you, because THE RULER OF THIS WORLD approaches. He has no power over me…” I John 14:29-30

“The entire universe is a cryptogram set by the Almighty.” Isaac Newton

A Cryptogram

 So what if mathematicians, and physicists are describing what we would call the ‘spiritual dimension’, something incomprehensible with our five senses.

 It is we who are the ethereal beings trapped in three dimensions, and the other worlds are the real and the eternal


Jesus warned us that this force of Lucifer opposes the most high God, and this is the power which rules planet earth.

Ancient texts makes it clear, that for this present dispensation, era, or age, the ‘ruler of this world’  has the power to hold the citizens of planet earth in a vice like grip of deception and lies.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A zoo for you!


To Hinder and Oppose The Knowledge of Truth  and To Promote This Truth As Myth

“What is man but a vapor”. Psalm 39:5

What we regard as abstract and unprovable – the spiritual or eternal – is in fact

the only tangible and perpetual reality.

What we regard as physical and permanent now, will one day dissolve:

But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar.” 2 Peter 3:10.

Is This How We Really Perceive ‘Reality’

How should we react then, if indeed it is us who has no permanence?

Every day millions of people die, yet we live our lives without a thought of the beyond, bound into this perceived reality.

The dead ‘appear’ dead because they have left their temporary form,

and have now moved on into true reality?

Jesus said: “My kingdom is not of this world.” John 18:36

Jesus Christ was a man of flesh and blood, yet He was also from beyond the third dimension – the realm we call  ‘spirit’.

By his very word the universe came into being and He declared there is another kingdom somewhere else beyond this world.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14


To escape this delusion, we need to prepare ourselves for the day when we shall leave this suit of flesh and be released into our full dimensional capacity.

We need to prepare in advance for this journey for it is important to know where you will spend a timeless existance in these new dimensions. 

Jesus said:

“I am the way the truth and the life, no man can come to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

He died as a ransom to defeat the power of Lucifer’s hold over your life. 

 This world system will fail.

Jesus Christ shall return and restore the world to what it was before the ‘corrupted construct’ and the earth will be a paradise once more.

Will you accept His offer to enter into eternal glory with Him?

I do hope so, because in your present unregenerated form you cannot do it.

You must be transformed by the renewing of your mind:

 Don’t copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” Romans 12:2


In my father’s house are many mansions, I am going to prepare a place for you, and if I go I will come back and receive you to myself, that where I am there you shall be also.” John 14:2

Repent of the wrong things you have done.

→ Try not to do them again.

→ Ask Jeus Christ for forgiveness.

→ You will then be ready for the eternal glory to come.

The message of the cross is foolish to those who are headed for destruction! But we who are being saved know it is the very power of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:18

Please don’t pass over this message because:


His objective:

To Hinder and the Oppose Knowledge of Truth  and To Promote This Truth As Myth”  



The words of Jesus are life and truth



Recognise The Altered State

 Now we turn to the subject of how we may bypass this conscious mind of ours. The mind which is anchored to this earth, with wordly cares and worries and anxieties and access the unconscious mind which contains the mind of our spirit, in which God constantly flows with his revelation knowledge in spirit and in truth?Jesus said the Holy Spirit has been sent to us to teach us all things. Paul said that we pray with deep groanings not knowing what we should pray. Our minds are unfruitful. There are times of course when we have our list of petitions for God. But in order for Him to reveal to `usward´, we must get out of our conscious minds, into the unconscious or spiritual realm.

Have you ever driven somewhere and been deeply lost in thought about something, and then find you have arrived at your destination and not quite remember how you got there so fast? What happened? As you were concentrating on your thoughts, your conscious mind was unfruitful, you just drove automatically. When we go into a mode of which we are conscious, but concentrating entirely on other things, we are in what the psychologists call a `trance´. That is, your conscious mind shut off, and went into automatic mode (you can drive the car blindfold so to speak) and your unconscious mind came forward and you were thinking the things which distracted you from concentrating on the road. Were you asleep? No. Were you in control? Yes. It is a normal state, and everybody goes into trance several times a day. It happens to us all frequently. Perhaps whilst reading a book, being engrossed in a TV programme. The word itself has been used in ignorance to represent something evil or occultic but of itself, this is not the case.

 The Holy Spirit Must Be Allowed To Move In This Realm

 Now when an excellent preacher is giving an anointed sermon, the Holy Spirit´s intention is to communicate the message into our spirit and not only to our logical or conscious mind. Because the kingdom of God is inside of us and it is there that it can communicate with the spiritual world, and has nothing to do with the physical world. We become lost in the message, and when the preacher gives praise, the congregation should respond by giving praise also. This also encourages the preacher, so that he can get deeper into his message.

 A good preacher will bring the congregation into `spiritual state´ where they become very receptive and responsive to the message and to the music. When the praises rise up and the power comes down, the people have now come out of their self centred state, and entered that state of altered consciousness of being `in the spirit´ and `worshipping in truth´.

Those who have experienced this, know the difference between a Holy Spirit inspired message and one that is not. It´s not to say that a speaker is necessarily worldly or fleshly, indeed the content of the sermon may be very Biblical. But in order for the speaker to bring the people into a state of receptiveness, and in order for the Holy Spirit to begin to manifest and to speak not only at the conscious level, but deep within at the person´s unconscious spiritual level the congregation need to enter into an altered state.

That is how as believers, we recognise an anointed message. It could be a general exhortation, or even an anointed prayer. It does not necessarily have to be a good constructed or prepared message, but whatever few or even stumbling words are spoken must be heavy with the anointing. That is how we get the expression `having the witness´ to something that is of God. The Spirit within us suddenly springs up, a bubbling. Often people will shout `hallelujah´ or jump up. The discerning the difference of what is coming from the intellect however sincere of man, and what is coming from the Spirit. There is a difference. The Spirit within us, in our innermost parts, those parts which are often not at the conscious level is what the Spirit witnesses to at a deeper level. sights, hearing or speech that will automatically trigger responses in the subconscious  or spiritual level. These congregations have learned God´s way of worship. In fact they have been taught from infancy.

This example is most admirably demonstrated in black Afro American or Caribbean pentecostal churches, where the people would not consider they had been to a meeting at all unless this phenomena happened. They come to church and expect to enter into the spirit of the message and the singing, so much so, that when the musicians play, they break into dance spontaneously and sing and shout and praise the Lord. This may interrupt the preaching, but is considered perfectly normal as the leading of the Spirit. This is the worship in Spirit which Jesus said would be the sign accompanying true worshippers. 

Some may argue, that there are good decent Christians who worship and pray to God silently, and no doubt there is true sincerity there. But the discussion concerns the entering into another dimension of the Holy Spirit, where He manifests in His people, by praising, shouting dancing, prophecy, prayer If God´s people want His manifest presence, this is how it must be done. An intense pushing into the spiritual world of the Spirit of God.

If people are truly worshipping God, it will be anything other than silent. It takes physical effort. There is a certain laziness about now in some churches. Some find it hard work just to raise their voices in song or prayer. These people will get absolutely nothing from God with this attitude. If  the church service does not have abundant praise, and anointed worship, then it is simply a Christian social club and Satan loves it 

The enemy must at all costs, distract people away from worshipping in spirit and in truth. He will do everything in his power by using religion i.e. classically referred to as the `hymn sandwich´ i.e. set formats, and traditionalism, cultural hindrances and clock watching. These are some of the ways in which  he prevents God´s people connecting with the Holy Spirit, or He with them.

The sad thing is, believers allow this to happen because of conditioning. They do not know any better because they have probably attended churches which have greatly compromised the truth and have become apostasized, lukewarm, or cold. Because of the widespread apostasy, these poor souls have never experienced the joy of worshipping in Spirit and truth. They think what they have come to believe as Christian worship is how it should be. As a result, believers who have experienced the difference are hindered from a deeper form of worship and expression, and become frustrated because of the lack of response to the Holy Spirit by those  conditioned ones, who cause a resistance or barrier to progress.

Have most Christians been conditioned or programmes? What does it mean to be conditioned? Conditioning is a learned process, beginning from infancy. It is a learned process, in which a person´s behaviour becomes dependent on the occurrence of an external stimulus. If that `stimulus´ if we can call it that, is a lifeless traditional church setting, then their beliefs have been determined by the available information they have received.

The Holy Spirit is in the business of changing people, and He wants to modify or reprogramme a believer´s behaviour to His format of worship by reconditioning them on a deeper level, so that when they hear the Word of God or worship begins, they will be reprogrammed to automatically enter into a conditioned response where they are not self-conscious, they ignore their surroundings and enter into His courts without embarrassment or concern for others in exhuberant praise and worship. 

It is essential to earnestly content for this. This is the faith which Paul preached about. There has been so much misunderstanding of what it is to be spiritual. First and foremost our Creator made us as spiritual beings. Adam was an automaton until God breathed into him. God wants us to experience HIS dimension. This world is a construct of atoms, water and air. The Bible describes it as a vapour which will pass away. This is not the real world. The spiritual world is the real solid, and eternal world. This world is just a dim reflection, a very poor draft copy of what is real. We need to touch on that which is real. We need to access reality. When we pray or praise, we must learn how to by pass our intellects. The carnal mind profits nothing. The Spirit is everything. He is the operational and functioning force. 

 How to Move Out in The Spirit

The next and often forgotten aspect of this, what do the people do when the Holy Spirit is obviously present and is pleased with out praise and has made himself known by our awareness of His presence. What happens then. This is a very important thing to consider. The answer is simple, we don´t leave it there. We do not leave the Holy Spirit waiting for our next response. Because it is our next response that is crucial. The Spirit has arrived. He speaks through his people, now His people must step out.

It is so important for a congregation to develop and grow in this area. Many congregations think they have arrived when they all start singing or praying in tongues. THIS IS WRONG, AND IS NOT BIBLICAL. There is nowhere in scripture that says everybody must be speaking or singing in tongues.

 “What if you are all speaking in tongues and the unlearned come in, will they not think ye are all mad?

 Tongues is for a sign to the unbeliever, but only if it is interpreted.

 The Charismatic movement arrived on the scene late sixties early seventies. Suddenly all the formal churches were getting what they described as the `outpouring´.

We need to start on this journey. I above all people long to know how. But I believe God has given me the concept of this, and a seed of truth which I awoke with, the Lord having been speaking to me in my sleep. I have tried very hard to put this down, but as I find myself becoming more and more aware of my earthly surroundings, the subconscious revelation which was so briefly in my conscious mind is fading rapidly like a mist fading in the warmth of the day. It is very difficult sometimes to retain the elements of these revelations for a time longer than a few minutes. It fades away, and must be captured by writing down as soon as possible.



The Hidden Kingdom

 Yes, God’s kingdom is hidden. Jesus said it would not be obvious. Sometimes we become aware of His kingdom, when He speaks into our conscious mind. That’s the easy bit. But if God chooses to speak to our unconscious mind, or our spirit mind, then how are we able to access this and comprehend more easily. You may ask: “why doesn´t God speak plainly?” Well, very often he does. But because Satan is the prince of this world, he makes sure that you only function at the conscious level. Our conscious mind is bombarded with external stimuli, of noise, chatter, tv, etc. How can we shut it off? When we sleep our conscious mind is shut off. that´s why the Lord in these last days speaks to us in dreams and visions, because the conscious mind is just a box full of noisy tricks designed to block out the sound of the voice of God.

Now here is the exciting part, the Word of God tells us that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh and they will dream dreams. Not only will they dream dreams, but He will enable you to interpret those dreams through symbolism or even by a direct word. In this way He informs you of present situations, He gives direction, He gives prophecy and warnings of things to come, so that we shall be fully equipped, established and prepared in these days, to live life in the supernatural lane.

 “For God does reveal His will, He speaks not only once, but more than once, even though men do not regard it. One may hear God’s voice in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men while slumbering upon the bed. Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction terrifying them with warnings.”Job 33:14-18

 Accessing The Gates

 To access and then enter the Gates of the Lord´s realm, you have to be outside of them first. This is what happens when we try to get into the Queen´s Palace its like the Christian lingering outside the gateway. Actually, entering into His courts with some serious praise workouts, this is the secret to access the gateway. When it happens, you will know it and feel it. You will be aware that you have gone beyond and into this gate. This is the entry formula. This is what it means to worship in the spirit, as we do this, the Holy Spirit is now accessed for us, and He begins to do His part. This is worshipping in spirit and in truth. This is the only way. If you do not know, feel or sense this, then you are worshipping in the flesh and The Holy Spirit has no part in it. This is how you know when the gateway is opened for you?

We are channels and if we are channels, then we are channellers. Have you ever thought of that. We are channellers of His Spirit, and this is the profound truth. We alone, as believers should be the ultimate channellers, receivers, receptors of his divine Spirit. But what have we been taught?

  Other Gates

 This format to access God´s holy realm, is totally different to how the occultistis or New Agers do it. Sometimes it is through Transcendental Meditation, and there are a lot of `Christians´ who are into it or by channelling. They empty their minds or focus on something, perhaps saying a mantra. This is why Jesus told us not to pray like the heathen, because they think by their many repetitious prayers they will be heard. The mind by the way is another entry port or portal from the spirit world. It is not good to empty it, because spirit beings can enter that way. There are also certain locations on the earth that are used as vortexes for spirit entities to come through. Emptying the mind is a dangerous practice. They voluntarily open themselves to any spirit or being that may come to them.

Pagans are dab hands at touching the spiritual. But Christians have a hard time getting through to God. We hear the word channellers and immediately our unconscious mind has learned to regard this word `channel´ as being occult. This is only so when it is used in the wrong way. God wants us to be channellers of Himself. The New Agers and occultists have taken this for themselves. It was never theirs to use in the first place. That is why in Deuteronomy God forbids it, to conjure up spirits, for they are demons. No, we are to be channellers of Him. 

The Spirit of Yahweh wants to clear up the confusion. It´s the devil´s job to cause the utmost chaos in the church of God. One man who visited heaven saw all the mansions of gold. The angel told him that the mansions were built, but the church was not ready for the Rapture. Our spirit man needs to wake up, and the eyes of our spirit need to be opened.

Know What is, and What Is To Be

I will explain some themes and would ask that your prayerfully consider them. Always invoking the Holy Spirit to assist you, and witness if these things be true. Christians are living in an age of information. Knowledge has increased. There is no excuse on earth why believers should now be ignorant. There is a virtual library in your home. Get rid of the TV, use the internet because here you can research anything you want to. God has used the internet for good in these last days.  No longer should believers be ignorant, for actually most Christians are the most ignorant and ill informed people on this planet. They know nothing of what is going on under their noses and very often don´t want to.

Because we are living in the very last of the last days, it is important that Christians be aware of what is coming on the earth, and to be able to discern truth from error. Daniel the prophet said in the last days there knowledge would increase. There would be those who were wise, and will teach others. The time is coming, when unless we know what it means to have the Holy Spirit and worship Him in Spirit and truth, there may be many who are left behind when the rapture comes not having oil in their lamps and floundering about not knowing what to do. They will be looking this way and that, not knowing where to turn because the true worshippers have gone. The importance of worshipping God in spirit and in truth cannot be over-emphasized.

In case I haven´t made the point clear enough, to worship in the Spirit, means to worship outside of your own mindset. Get it folks. This is real. You must get OUT of yourself and IN to the spiritual dimension. By pass your own thoughts, by pass yourself, forget about what others are going to think of you. When you worship God, act as if you couldn´t care less about your street cred. Worship Him agressively. Shout Hallelujah and praises to Him. Remember God is not made of flesh and blood, He is a spirit, therefore to function in His reality, we too need to get out of our earthly awareness and get in touch with our inner man.                

Saints Not Ready, To Carnal

Nothing is worth having unless it is spirit focused. God made the world out of spirit, did you know that? He just said the word, and it happened. We also can make things happened. We can draw from the Holy Spirit manifestations of Himself in whatever way He chooses. Paul says there are many operations, but it is the same Holy Spirit. But first, get in the Spirit.  When Jesus´s church  know how to worship in spirit and truth, then we will be ready, and He will come for us. 

Should we re-examine exactly what is happening when we pray or worship? Are we praying in the Spirit, or are we just saying prayers from our carnal minds, rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to `channel´ his thoughts through us? Is this concept too wild a thought, or is this what Jesus was referring to when he said the time is coming when true worshippers will worship in spirit and truth.

How can we break through the deception of Satan? Well, we must recognise his plan, which we have begun to do. Think ahead. Always know your enemy´s strategies. What is he likely to do? Christians must know the battle plan of the enemy. Use discernment, and people, in the name of Christ wake up! Other subtle and powerful ways he does this is by prejudices and traditions. The majority of Christians are trapped beyond hope sometimes by this strategy. But believers must be prepared to have have them demolished.

You need to understand a little of how the human mind works. We are complicated creatures as psychologists will tell you. It´s not a new discovery, God made us this way. When former beliefs are exposed as phony, four things happen to the human psyche. First, shock, second disbelief, third anger, fourth acceptance. I went through this process three times in my life.

The first was around seven or eight years of age, although there are some who are spared this awakening by devices of great subterfuge (parents will understand) until much later on. It´s the familiar story and most people have experienced it and remember it. It was the day I was told that there was no such thing as Father Christmas! I was horrified. This revelation came from a school mate who was the first child in the class who found out the truth from an older sibling and who regarded himself as extremely superior because he knew something the others did not. He intended with a great sense of superiority (knowledge is power) to shatter the delusional hold over all his little mates.

What followed was the classical reactions of shock, and denial and eventually anger directed at the one spilling the beans. This resulted in great distress which `Miss´ had to diffuse after the milk break. Then later on acceptance of the truth was acknowledged after having a serious talk after school with Mother, unless mother continued with the delusion and denied it all. But deep down, there is something in the subconscious which recognised that this was the truth. This is because God has put a right conscious in each of us, that has sadly been seared by enemy and will continue unless we discover the truth of God´s revelations for ourselves. 

The second one, of which you also may be familiar with, was the shock of how you came about, the anger  at the mere suggestion of it , and  the denial that “my parents never did that!”. Eventually the acceptance.

Because truth is truth and God has put within us a recognition of truth, but as the Bible says have allowed their conscience to be seared or hardened. Others may have heard the horrible truth of an unfaithful spouse, death of a loved one, or that they were adopted, or that the religion in which they were raised was actually a cult. These are usually the four steps people take in coming to recognise truth.

Satan so hides the truth from us, that basically we are all blinded on the deepest levels. He is the prince of this world until Messiah comes to take over and snatch the deeds back from him. He is given a lot of leverage, for a season. The Word of God is our only light. A beacon in the blackness. But even then, the enemy has gone about his business of corrupting and twisting through our traditions and belief system.

Believe it or not, the New Age movement has usurped for itself many concepts that should rightly be for the child of God. But Satan has taken what should be for us and given it to his people and again the truth has been twisted and corrupted. Most Christians do not use discernment to distinguish between write or wrong theologically or scripturally. Most do not even bother to investigate but condemn outright before doing their homework. The majority glibly wave the hand over everything they know little about, because they heard something about it, and have never studied the subject for themselves. The scriptures tell us to: “Study to show thyself approved.” So many times Christians believe what others tell them without first looking things up, to form their own judgements and condemn outright what they haven´t got a clue about.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs, that if we are too self confident in our own opinions, we end up being a fool. 

A self confident fool, has no delight in understanding, but only in revealing his personal opinions and himself” Proverbs 18:2 Amp Bible

It is common knowledge, or should be for any discerning Christian, that Jesus was never born at Christmas. It is the birthday of the Roman Sun god, yet how many Christians would cancel Christmas? Easter is the festival of Ashtar, rather than remembering the true season at the time of Passover when Jesus was crucified. Do you think God is not at all bothered about his people celebrating pagan festivals? This combination of worshipping the true God by means of pagan festivals is what condemned the Israelites, and the Church is doing exactly the same thing and glorying in it today in the name of Christianity. It´s history repeated. But will the judgements be the same for the Church as for Israel. Very few ministers will stand up and speak out against it.

Add to this the opinion of other fools which only exacerbates the hive mentally. One suggestion, one little piece of leaven of disinformation without investigation, has the potential to permeate the whole church. Someone only need to bring out a book, promote a new teaching or philosophy for the  idea to be written in stone in the mind of a non discerning Christian and how deep is that lack of discernment. Such is the power of the written word seen in numerous movements which have come about in the last 50 years few of which are sound Biblical doctrine. People are being not only deceived by Satan, hindered from entering into the realm of the Holy Spirit, but are now so apostate that when the truth is exposed them it is rejected as heresy.

I have believed this for a long time. But lest I be regarded as a heretic let me explain further. The devil has always known that the human being is a spiritual creature. He knows that within each one of us there is a longing for spirituality. This yearning or longing takes on different forms. For some it can be plain religion such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, or New Age philosophies which incidently have now crept into the church. This yearning or longing is the desire for spiritual fulfilment, which only Jesus the Christ can give. Because he is the source of all life, he is the creator of our being and all its complex parts, and within him contains all the answers to life and knowledge.

For those who reject the religious route, the secular world offers itself to the others who search for satisfaction – the pursuit of making more money, the endless spending, the latest gadgets, bigger houses, climbing the professional ladder, the development of self (the teaching of which is also now heavily into the church) All manner of physical gratifications to satisfy this self fulfilment plastic surgery, varied sexual pursuits with different partners which all leads to disappointment in the end. The great king Solomon, who had wisdom beyond any human who ever lived said this:

For who can eat, and drink or who can have enjoyment any more than I can – apart from Him?” Proverbs 2:25

There is nothing outside of the Holy Spirit, the very Spirit of God the Father and the Son which can satisfy the human searching and longing. This satisfaction can only be achieved through the words of Jesus, that true worshippers must worship in spirit (their spirit, combined with His Spirit) and in truth. How many of us can remember the old time prayer meetings? Holy Ghost anointed with power? These meetings went on until 2 am and sometimes all night. Then there were the services, Oh those services. They went on for hours. Singing, praising, preaching, exhorting. Great interaction between the saints. People did not want to leave. This is revival, this is worshipping in Spirit and in Truth. This is the holiness that the church must get back to. The bride ready to be raptured.

This was common practice among the early Pentecostal churches, and even today thank God these churches can still be found. The vast majority of churches in the west, know nothing of the power of the Holy Ghost. Limited time in prayer sometimes once a month or for special occasions with little or no power. There is no entering into His realm with abandonment. The tragedy of it is, that Christians come away believing they just had a prayer meeting.

There is no secret behind this. The method is simple, let yourself go and let God. Most believers are too strung up, hung out, stressed out, self conscious to ever get into this worship. There is one word for it PRIDE! They are proud and stiff lipped. They worship like mannequins in a shop windows, stiff and rigid. If they opened their mouths to sing, their faces would crack. Jesus is saying ARISE THOU THAT SLEEPEST!

The true power falls when saints forget their inhibitions and start shouting and praising. God wants to see you they are serious! If God gets a reaction from us, then He will reply with a response. Reaction, response. The praises go up and the power comes down. Works every time. But the saints have to work at it. How often do you see it? Less than one percent of the congregation are praising God, and the ninety nine percent are thinking about lunch.

Did you know Satan will do anything to prevent the saints worshipping the Creator? However he gets his own kind who know not the true God to learn the very techniques God´s children should be using, but instead of communicating with the Holy Spirit, they contact other spiritual beings. Thus he twists the knowledge of the truth to hinder the true children of God from knowing how to commune with their father. This he does by making Christians believe that certain spiritual states are of the occult, or witchcraft. He twists everything and has continued to do so until this day, by perverting to truth to his own ends and he does this by the means of ignorance and fear.

Godly Trance – Not Transcendental Meditation! 

The Apostle Peter entered Joppa and on the house-top where he had gone for a time of  prayer, he fell into a `trance.´

“…he became hungry, and was desiring to eat; but while they were making preparations, he fell into a trance” (Acts 10:9-10).

The word `trance´ is like a red rag to a bull to the Christian who regards the word as occultic. This cannot be further from the truth. Would any Christian dare to suggest that Peter was practising some sort of occult activity? It´s important to define this word, before coming to any rash (unresearched) conclusion as to what trance is. The word `trance´ derives from `ekstasis´. As you look at that word you can recognize our English word ecstasy. `stasis´ (to stand) and `ec´ (ex, out), hence to `stand out of yourself.´

Isn´t this the sort of thing that happened on the day of Pentecost? The Disciples were besides themselves. That´s very interesting. Is not this how some Christians are described as being `out of themselves´ when worshipping in the spirit? Remember what Jesus said, we must worship in spirit and in truth. God brought about Peter’s trance. God used this method to give Peter a vision. He had to by-pass Peter´s intellect or his conscious mind to give a revelation to him. Peter had lost control of his conscious mind.

The concept of trance for the Christian is that of the occult. That´s because again, they haven´t done their homework. We keep coming back to the fact that the majority of believers are very ignorant. Now what if this concept of it being the occult, is based on nothing more flimsy than someone reading a prejudiced book on what trance is and has given an untrained opinion, never researching for themselves, taking certain elements out of context (as non believers do with the Bible)? They form an opinion based on ignorance and what another ignorant person has written in a book, and have come to an ignorant conclusion. They then persuade another believer of their unlearned opinion to avoid this trance thing with a barge pole. Thus the disinformation spreads like a virus.

Satan has worked his plan. Believers take the bait. Now who should Christians believe. Do they investigate the authors of these books? Do they investigate what these authors say by doing their own research? I can probably answer `no´ to both these questions.

Believers are afraid of the unknown, and rightly so. But if that unknown has been labelled witchcraft by those who have not done their homework properly, then gullible Christians are taken in. This is exactly what Satan wants. He prays on the weak and ignorant. The Bible is very clear on what sin is. You can check if for yourself. There are the ten commandments, the laws against calling up of spirits in the book of Deuteronomy.

Now whenever mankind deals with his spiritual nature, there will always be abuses. The Israelites felt into idolatrous practices, you can read about them all. But that still does not negate the fact that God wants us to experience a deep spiritual dimension. It appears that Satan´s people get deeper spiritual experiences and manifestations than us sometimes. Why is this? Because Satan has convinced the Christian world that this intensity of the spiritual dimension is not for them. 

How the devil has warped the minds of believers. A very popular book came out called `The Shack´. Many Christians read it and raved about it. However, it is one of the most deceptive book on the `Christian´ market today. There was even a church website advertising the book. This is the danger of Christian fiction, and believers are unable to discern the difference, raving on about its deep spiritual `truths´.

The Shack calls for a similar denial of reality. Yet countless pastors and church leaders are delighting in its message. By ignoring (or redefining) sin and guilt, they embrace an inclusive but counterfeit `Christianity´ that draws crowds but distorts the Bible. Discounting Satan as well, they weaken God’s warnings about deception. No wonder His armour for today’s spiritual war became an early victim of this spreading assault on truth.” Beret Kjos.

Another book on the scene which has become very popular is “A Course in Miracles”. A very brief evaluation is given here by Russ Wise.

In 1965 a Jewish atheistic psychologist from Columbia University began to channel messages from a spirit she believed to be Jesus. She ultimately produced, or she says Jesus revealed to her, well over a thousand pages of revelation during the next seven years.”

The interesting thing in both these cases, is that Christians will rave about a fictional book like The Shack, and accept a book on miracles by a spiritualist channeller, (they probably didn´t investigate the author); but smugly dismiss without investigation the subject of a trance, which is another word for a state of `altered consciousness´, when we commune with the Holy Spirit as He did with Peter. Many Christian denominations still deny the experience of speaking in tongues or praying in the spirit.

However, there is now scientific evidence. Scientists have already accepted it, and are doing brain scans, proving the results.

Neuroscientists at the University of Pennsylvania have scanned the brains of people who were speaking in tongues to see which areas of the brain show increases or decreases in blood flow. Activity in the frontal lobes dropped compared to when the subjects were singing gospel songs, which indicates that the subjects had relinquished conscious control in some way, just as they felt they had….However, this excellent article in Slate quotes a New York Times article as saying that people who speak in tongues now have neuroscientific evidence for their claim that God is speaking through them.

…..they found diminished activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which normally lights up when you’re doing something on purpose.”

So the `diminished activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex´ to put it scientifically is what all believers should be aiming for during prayer time, because it means we are shutting off our thinking processes when we pray in the spirit.

The images, appearing in the current issue of the journal Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging, pinpoint the most active areas of the brain. The images are the first of their kind taken during this spoken religious practice, which has roots in the Old and New Testaments and in charismatic churches established in the United States around the turn of the 19th century. The women in the study were healthy, active churchgoers. `The amazing thing was, how the images supported people’s interpretation of what was happening,´ said Dr. Andrew B. New-Berg, leader of the study team, which included Donna Morgan, Nancy Wintering and Mark Waldman. `The way they describe it, and what they believe, is that `God is talking through them´” he said.”  New York Times.

Enter In With Intense Praise to Bring About The Altered State

So now scientists are saying that when we pray we by pass our conscious minds. In other words, praying in spirit and in truth has nothing to do with our conscious minds, but rather another area of the brain, which is commonly called the unconscious. How many Christians do you know do this in a prayer meeting? I believe the Holy Spirit has revealed to me, that losing control of our conscious mind is how God manifests through us. This is exciting news indeed, and these studies confirm and somewhat sheds further light on what Jesus was referring to as praying in spirit and in truth.  

Let´s Forget About Ourselves, Concentrate on Him and Worship Him”

Those who practise the dark arts have stolen these very techniques of communicating with the spirit world, which should only be used by Christians to commune with their heavenly father. They have taken it for themselves. Satan has stolen the children´s bread and used it for evil. That is why the time is coming when true worshippers will worship as Jesus said they would. A doctor has at his disposal medical knowledge. He can use this for good, or for experiments on inmates in a concentration camp. His skill is the same, but used in the wrong way. Doctors who overdose their patients with `mercy killing´ is another example. The use of atomic power for good or bad. Satan has corrupted everything that God put on this earth. He will go to any lengths to hinder Christians in their walk with God, insomuch as to cause the words of Jesus to worship in spirit and truth, never to come to pass due to fear and prejudice. 

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Three – The Desert Times

In order to get communication from God to your innermost being, you must shut yourself away – for days if necessary. It´s hermit time. Hidden in the rocks of the desert. Deeply meditate on him and quite unexpectedly when you least expect it, He will begin revealing His truth to you. Block out all external sources, sounds, and  other distractions and just meditate on Him. You don´t have to be finding things to pray about constantly. Be in an attitude of prayer yes, but the very fact that you have made yourself available to Him is the key. At last, he has you alone to Himself. These are the times He can speak to you. He will surely come.

 We begin to enter into the gate by praising God, asking Jesus to protect us with his precious blood, and then wait upon Him. For those who live alone, it can often be difficult. You long for human companionship. But just hold on, because this is the greatest place to be in for hearing God. You may have the sadness of loneliness, but God adequately makes up for it by deep revelations not frequently given to those who are tied up with other distractions in their lives. You can never get so far down into the pit, that God cannot speak to you – and he does so at the most unexpected times. Times when you are at your lowest. You think you cannot go on. But then revelation comes.

There are `prayers´, yes, often written down and said by rote, that´s the way religious people do it. There are written prayers, read prayers, lists of prayers, sung prayers. `Prayers´ is not a list, but being `in prayer´ is different. Being `in prayer´ is `a state´ where you are altered. You know you have by-passed the mind/heart state, and into the spirit state. You feel altered, changed, walking on air almost. Only then can true effective prayer emerge as the Apostle Paul said, with groans and cries which comes not from the conscious mind. 

When we pray, we must learn how to by-pass the intellect. The carnal mind profits nothing. The Spirit is everything. He is the operational and functioning force. This is the vital thing that Christians need to know. We must get into this altered state to hear from God. The blessings that flow from this, can only be imagined. There is nothing comparable to this. You become one with the Father. Before you realise it, you are stepping outside of yourself and into Him. It is at this point of going beyond self-awareness, that God often speaks through the prophetic gifting, a word of knowledge or wisdom, as the Spirit gives utterance.

 He shows things, the Spirit has been given for this very purpose. That is why we must have the Holy Spirit. We cannot be `head/heart knowledge about Jesus´ Christians. We must be believers filled with the Spirit of the Living God. Because he is our guide. We cannot comprehend anything without the Spirit. Few have found it, but it is available to all.

The Time of Entering In

So how do you know when you have got to the stage, when you are worshipping in spirit and in truth? This is the question. How often do we attend church where there has been an abandonment in praise and worship? When I say abandonment, I mean people forgetting about themselves in their glorifying God, and praising him, perhaps long after the music has stopped. There are some who, with hands lifted, are glorifying him, with sounds of `Hallelujahs´ and `praise God´ over and over again.

 Why do some (erroneously perceived) folks appear to go `over the top´? In some non spiritual churches, they are criticized for not ‘behaving’. Most churches just allow `the extra spiritual ones´ to go off on a tangent, doing their own thing? God forbid, that Christians lose their dignity and religious cool. But those who consider themselves as believers have a duty to recognise what is happening here, that these `Amen corner ´ brethren, have found that ‘gate’ of entry. The Holy Spirit has opened the door to His courts for these ones, to enter into His world. These sanctified souls, the true Spirit possessed believers, have discovered what it is to worship in spirit and in truth as Jesus said would happen. They have entered that realm, but for the others, alas, they only have a form of worship. This is not acceptable to the living God.

Those who are worshipping in the Spirit have found the gate, and their conscious minds are no longer concerned with what is around them. They have entered for want of a better description, an `altered spiritual state´. They have gone from worshipping in the natural, using their conscious mind and have gone over into the supernatural. When we enter the supernatural through worship, our conscious mind is unproductive as Paul points out. We have entered a type of trance. It is obvious this is happening, but shockingly enough, this term `altered state´ or trance is resisted by Christians as being of the occult, and yet the Bible refers to this state.

At these times and given the right conditions, the Holy Spirit breaks through into the natural realm. The kingdom of God is within us Jesus teaches, it is within every part of our being. But because of the cares of this world, our conscious mind is filled with other things, and so God speaks to us through the unconscious sometimes. It is at this point of letting go of the conscious mind, that worship should continue and not stop, because God inhabits the praises of His people and begins to manifest in His people. 

It´s at this point, where the Spirit has descended by the truth of the worship that if the Spirit is not quenched and allowed, then He may begin to speak through some with prophecy, tongues, interpretation and words of wisdom. When we enter the spiritual dimension through worship, we bypass our conscious awareness. we know where we are of course, we are not unconscious, i.e. asleep, or anaesthetized! but are now functioning in two dimensions, the earthly, and the spiritual. Which is what God always wanted his people to do.

This is a learned practice. Carnal churches do not do it. They don´t know how. No matter how good the programme, the music or the singing appealing to the natural senses, unless believers enter into that different state and forget about themselves, they are not worshipping in their spirit. They have not abandoned themselves to His Spirit.

Five- Not New Age Channelling!

 I bring up the subject of the The New Agers or Spiritualists, because they do this practice called ‘channelling’. They go into trance and into the spiritual realm, but they are not doing it according to the truth of God´s word, that is channelling the Holy Spirit. They are fully aware they are channelling some entity, but it is certainly not the living God. The word ‘trance’ therefore has come to be associated with the occult and contacting evil spirits.

Usually a Christian worshipping in the spirit, does not lose their senses, but occult channellers lend their mind over to whatever invading spirit possesses them at the time. The scriptures say that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. In other words, the believer has the power to resist the Spirit, or go with the Spirit and is able to keep their responses under control in order to bring forth a word or an utterance to be of benefit to any listeners. This is the difference between truth and error.

Religious Ritual but not Reality

 Satan has, since time began corrupted truth. He will do anything to hinder, prevent or block God´s people from accessing the divine realm of light where the Lord Jesus dwells. Therefore he plotted a scheme to bypass true worship, and replace it by using a set of rituals or man made programmes for believers to follow. Over centuries of time, true worship and spontanaity in the spirit would be quenched, and a formality known as RELIGION took its place, and this is what we see today in the denominations. He caused man to create sets of rules. Technicality is the enemy of spirituality. Many will really not be aware that they attend a religious, ritualistic church, but to reiterate the first point in this study that humans have been programmed from birth into believing that certain things are set in stone. Therefore they have been conditioned, hypnotised by the enemy to believe what is actually wrong, is right. True eternal reality is the spiritual realm where the Lord of Glory dwells, this is the realm the Lord Jesus wants us to access, not following a set of ritualistic formats.

Not only has Satan successfully blocked the believer´s conscious mind by noise and distraction, he also achieves this by religion and form. So even when a believer goes to church, they will never hear the Spirit of God speaking. This is the deep spiritual state the majority of the body of Christ is in. Satan has always alienated God´s people from the source of life.

Those who have come out of these systems of formalised worship, into the truth of being born again of the spirit, that is they have entered into that other dimension of what Jesus referred to when he said ye must be born of the Spirit. When we are born of the Spirit by accepting Jesus Christ as our saviour, our spiritual eyes are opened, and we have become aware of a new dimension. However, in this new dimension we can go as shallow, or as deep as we want to go.

In the blockbuster film The Matrix, Neo the main character, wanted to know the truth about the world around him. He was given a choice of two pills. One pill, would do nothing, and he would remain in the familiar world he knew and nothing would change, (formal, religious worship) if he took the other pill, he would discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. (spiritual worship). He made the choice to take the deeper route.

 “Behold, You desire truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part You  shall make me to know wisdom” (Psalm 51:6)


The Gateway To His Courts

There is a way, a secret entrance or a doorway in which we enter into the holiest place with God. To make things easier to understand I prefer to call the entrance into God´s presence `The Gateway to His Courts´. There is a definite gateway, which I believe the Lord wants us to find and experience. It´s this access gateway that I need to talk about here.

A lot of churches go about the business of the worship of God completely the wrong way and are woefully ignorant as to how to enter into His presence correctly. They begin with the wrong attitude, frivolous,  blasé about the whole thing, which is disrespectful having not the fear of the Lord or a sense of encouraging His presence or even recognising His presence if it comes. 

Now if you or I were to have an audience with the Queen of England, we must be processed before we actually get to meet Her Majesty. All those granted to have a royal audience must enter through the gates of the palace, and are then instructed how they must behave – when to bow or curtsy, never to speak unless you are spoken to and never turn your back on the Queen. We cannot walk through any old door. There is one entrance into the Queen´s chamber. We must follow the protocols to be in her presence.

If we have to enter the presence of human Royalty with strict protocols and formalities, then in the spiritual realm where God abides, there are also certain formalities, and only those who follow His correct format can truly enter in. Christians glibly say that God hears us wherever we are, how we pray and however casually we pray it. Of course this is true, but we are talking about entering into the spirit realm of God where things begin to happen. This is a totally different matter altogether, because if the correct format is not followed, the Christian is simply lingering outside of the Gateway. Of course, they can still petition God in prayer, for all prayer is heard, but not getting any further than the gate, because the format has not been followed. The good news is that His format is so much simpler than that of the Queen of England, but very few Christians follow it because of apathy and lukewarmness.

Parallel in The Physical – Parallel in the Spiritual

The natural world is governed by the rules of physics. The planets in their orbits, spring, summer and winter, tides ebb and flow. Also the spiritual world is governed by rules. This world is a reflection of the spiritual realm, but is temporal, the spiritual kingdom being eternal. As it is in the physical, so it is in the spiritual. Like must follow like. Jesus said that which is earthly is earthly, that which is heavenly is heavenly. Each carries its differences, but each must follow preconditioned rules which are set in motion as night follows day. God is a God of order, and not chaos. Morris Cerullo said: “All truth is parallel.” It is parallel on earth, and parallel in the spiritual realm also.

Jesus was speaking of spiritual matters when he spoke about entering in at the straight gate. Was He referring to a literal gate somewhere that can be accessed when we enter into the spiritual domain? Well why not? Was he speaking symbolically? No. Because we know the gates of heaven are literal, and the gates of hell are literal because the scripture says it is so. Because in our present bodies we cannot see or touch the gate, this does not prove its non-existance. They are solid and they are real, but in another dimension, and because we

are confined to these fleshly bodies, we cannot access them. But our spirit can. Because they are in the spiritual realm, another dimension, hidden from our eyes, for the moment we cannot see them. Jesus is our shepherd on earth, but is also our shepherd in the spiritual world of heaven. So what is alike in the natural world, is also true of the spiritual. If we are given instructions on how to enter through God´s gateway, to bypass our physical limitations, and press on into the spiritual in order to reach into His presence, should we not follow it as literal? Of course we should.

 Researchers into the spiritual realm from different belief systems all believe that in order to enter into the spiritual dimension to communicate with a spiritual being, one must pass through a vortex, or a doorway. This is how demonic entities gain access into our world, because spiritualists, New Agers, Shamans or WitchDoctors have, by their invoking, enabled a spirit to enter in through these vortexes or doorways. This is happening more and more frequently as `physical´ mediums are actually causing spirits to materialise in the world today. Do not be shocked at this, I have spoken to an author where he says this is common practice. The occultist and self named  Alistair `the beast´ Crowley, whom it is documented the Beatles greatly admired, was one of the first people of the 20th century to participate in such an invoking and probably him, and many others will play a further role in the near future when entities from the spirit world enter our world in greater numbers through these `gates´ or portals.

I am giving these examples to highlight a common problem among many Christians today. They have de- spiritualised their walk with God. Christianity has ceased to be supernatural for many people. They have made their faith a mere form. They believe with their head and their heart, but seem to leave out the spiritual dimension altogether. These are the people who may have a knowledge of Jesus Christ, go to church and participate, perhaps believe they have the Holy Spirit, but seem to back off when anything becomes too deep which they cannot recognise or handle.

If believers trust in a Saviour who resides in the spiritual realm, and is communicated with on a spiritual level, how on earth do they think they are going to get into the presence of Holy Spirit without being in a spiritual state of worship? This poses a problem doesn´t it? But this in fact is what happens every Sunday morning in 99% of churches. Services that lack spiritual depth. The reason for this is going back to the original point at the beginning, that we have been conditioned or programmed.

The majority of believers are used to attending `soulish´ rather than spiritual services. The `soulish´ service appeals to the human mind, intellect and emotions, but they never go beyond this level, where they actually make contact with the Holy Spirit. Instead they remain in the physical realm and worship in the flesh rather than let go of their own self consciousness and get into the realm that Jesus was referring to.

Sadly today, Christians are not being taught or led into the deep spiritual things of God. They remain on the surface, rather than being plunged into the deep of God’s ocean. We recall the words of Jesus, that the time is coming when the true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth. In other words Christians must go beyond these elementary levels and press into the spiritual realm where Jesus abides. How many people are the true worshippers that Jesus was referring to?

Throughout the course of church history – over two millennia of time –  the Christian church as a whole has sadly neglected or been unaware of this concept. Those who have learned how to `enter in´ to the spiritual realm of God are usually regarded as Christian mystics. But is the concept too bizarre that ordinary believers should not experience these things when they enter into prayer? Have we in fact become so unspiritual that this concept sounds strange to our 21st century conditioning.


The Concept  of Understanding

 The great Charles Spurgeon in a sermon once said:

“We must take care that we do not neglect heavenly monitions through fear of being considered visionary; we must not be staggered even by the dread of being styled fanatical, or out of our minds. For to stifle a thought from God is no small sin.”

All human beings have been programmed from birth into believing that certain things are set in stone. But if we are to progress into a greater reality with God, we may have to be willing to lay aside these thought patterns, in order to be prepared for something different. 

When we concentrate on a task we become absorbed in, it is likened to this half sleep, half wakefulness state. We can find ourselves engrossed perhaps in a Bible study, where we are referencing one verse against another, speaking to ourselves and to the Lord, sharing thoughts with Him, asking questions, and receiving answers from the Holy Spirit. This is where the outside world grows dim and there is a feeling of closeness and comfort, of being shut away or holed in. These are the times when  revelation becomes so very deep. If we are to share these truth to others, they must be expressed in a way that can be understood.

It is at the unconscious level, that God often speaks deep within us. Sometimes we remember these revelations upon waking, or often when we are reading scripture we receive an understanding which did not come from intellect, or from systematic studying, but which just ´came to us´. This is the Spirit of God revealing truth to our unconscious mind and our conscious mind picks it up.

The state between sleep and wakefulness are those few moments after we first open our eyes in the morning and become fully aware of our familiar surroundings. It´s a peculiar but fleeting time, when we are still almost still dreaming when the dream is still vivid and fresh. When we seem to be living and experiencing the colours and surroundings and noises of the dream whilst at the same time, being awake.

This dream state lasts for a brief time, because very quickly the dream, which is experienced as so real when asleep, dims quickly on awakening and the details are often difficult to recall. Instead we may be left with a `feeling´ of what the dream was about. Perhaps concepts, themes, ideas, not easy to express in human language, also come to us while we sleep which we can understand with out subconscious mind and not easily expressed in words.

There is a common assumption, that because something gets in print, it is true. This is not always the case, and there are many books which have only an author´s opinion on the subject, which may not necessarily be sound and books are sold purely for sensationalism or profit and not for its factual content. Although I believe what the Spirit has shown me throws new light on the subject of entering into the spiritual realm during praise, always do your own homework because there is a lot of stuff written out there which is garbage.

I knew there was something more to the saying of Jesus that true believers would worship in Spirit and in truth. I never fully understood what He meant. What are we as human beings? We consist of body, soul and spirit. The body is the outer covering of the soul, which is our mind, but is also linked to our spirit man. The mind consists of several parts, the conscious, with which we are made aware of our natural surroundings and our senses, and the unconscious part which is responsible for the continuing function of our bodies which is done automatically, such as breathing, heart rate, the functioning of the organs and so on. This takes no effort on our behalf because it is an automatic function.

The unconscious part of our minds (the soul) can be multi layered, and in it lies many depths of unremembered experiences. If these memories are negative, they can give rise in adulthood to all sorts of strange behaviour and ways of thinking. These are often being the cause of a `bitter root´ which the Bible speaks of and needs to be brought to the conscious level of the mind. These can then be dealt with and healed achieved with a combination of psychological therapies and the Holy Spirit.

There is a God in Heaven who is not struck mute in stone. His ability to speak is one attribute that distinguishes Him above all other so called `gods´ (Psalm 115:4-7). He loves to speak! We see this all the way through the Bible from Adam and Eve in the garden, to his conversations with Moses at the top of a smoking mountain right through to the powerful visions revealed to the Apostle John in Revelation. We read; “And God said” so often we almost overlook its significance. God’s passion to speak reflects his desire to know us and be known by us. As with any relationship, communication is essential to developing intimacy. Yet many Christians do not experience the voice of God regularly. If God is so eager to communicate, why do we struggle to hear him speak?

On these occasions, we have no control over how and when these revelations come. They are usually a joyful surprise. But the Lord Jesus wants us to tap into this wonderful realm of knowledge from the Holy Spirit. How we can bring out of our unconscious minds, the mind of our spirit and the Holy Spirit, the wonderful process of entering into this realm frequently, to receive into our spirit, and thence into our conscious minds, hitherto unknown truth and understanding.

 I sleep, but my heart is awake, listening for the voice of my Beloved” (Song of Solomon 5:2).



Now concerning the money contributed for the relief of the saints (God´s people), you are to do the same as I directed the churches of Galacia to do: on the first day of each week let each one of you personally put aside something and save it up as he has prospered (in proportion to what he is given) so that no collections will need to be taken after I come.” 1 Cor 16:2.

No Extra Burdens for the saints:

For it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things; that ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well…”  St Paul. Acts 15:28-29

Tithing is a doctrine taught in churches worldwide. Most believers go along with the teaching, but most have never bothered to study the subject. The usual erroneous arguments given to justify tithing for New Testament believers, was that Abraham tithed to Melchizidek before the Law was given.

Because tithing was part of the Law and believers are no part of it, then it is argued that tithing is valid, because Abraham did this before the Law came about. The other scriptures used are found in Malachi, which gives the impression that believers will be cursed if they do not comply. These well worn passages are totally taken out of context, simply to uphold the error of the doctrine of the weekly tithe. What is the method that ministers use to justify an unscriptural doctrine? It is called `proof-texting´.

A proof text, is a text, taken out of context become a pretext

A pretext is an excuse to do something or say something. Pretexts may be based on a half-truth or developed in the context of a misleading fabrication. Pretexts have been used to conceal the true purpose or rationale behind actions and words.”

A `proof-text´ is a verse or short passage from the Bible, which is taken out of context to the rest of the passage, which, if read in their entirety, often has an entirely different understanding. These verses are then put forward as `evidence´ to substantiate a doctrine. They are used as a `stand alone´ proof, and can be very misleading. To rely on a list of proof-texts alone, to substantiate a doctrine will make for a very weak case in an argument. This results in a corruption and misleading of the clear teaching of scripture.

In Genesis chapter 14, we see that before Abraham tithed he was already rich. Tithing did not increase his riches contrary to the `God will bless you if you tithe´ cliché. (2) He only tithed once to Melchizedek from the spoils of war after subduing 5 kings. (3) Notice, he did not tithe his own personal wealth. It makes no mention of money. Hebrews 7:2 says he gave a tenth of all the spoil.

In Malachi, using replacement theology ideas, we are led to believe the verses refer to us (the church), as having to bring in the tithe to the storehouse, (changed to the church building) instead of taking the scriptures literally as pertaining to the nation of Israel. Malachi 3:8: “Will a man rob God? etc….

The prophet is speaking to the nation of Israel, not to New Testament saints. (b) Its impossible for us to rob God of tithes because its part of the old Law and we are not subject to it. © The storehouse is not a church building, but the temple, which was destroyed AD 70. (d) Food was brought into the storehouse for the fatherless and widows. (e) The Levitical priests received a tithe and ate it in front of the people!

Tithing has nothing to do with money. (There are many studies on line to check this out). Only landowners with orchards, vineyards, crops and herds paid a tithe. All others were exempt. Today – if you work in a factory, and don´t own the factory, but work for wages, you don´t pay tithes as it was paid on the increase of business not on salary. The tithe could be redeemed for money. The 10% weekly financial tithe is neither an Old or New Testament teaching.

Then again we hear: `sow your seed´ meaning to give money. Biblical seed is always the Word of God. Never money. Luke 8:11. This is the `prosperity gospel´ perpetrated by tele-evangelists and is completely wrong.

There is another, less used example: Jacob told God he would give a ‘one off’ tithe  ONLY if God blessed him. Gen. 28:20-22. How audacious is that – giving God an ultimatum? Still no excuse to justify weekly, monthly or yearly tithing of money.

The Scribes and Pharisees argument is also used: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and you have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment and mercy, and faith: these ought you to have done, and not to leave the other undone.”  Matt 23:23

(a) The scribes and Pharisees were a brood of vipers, not saints of God, believers. Jesus was not referring to the Church when addressing them. (b)“You have left undone the weightier matters of the law.” What has their Law got to do with us? Absolutely nothing.                                               (c) They were tithing edible mint, dill and cumin from their herb gardens, not money. Nowhere does it say that Jesus or the Apostles paid tithes. They owned no land or flocks. Being fishermen, Peter, Andrew, James and John were exempt from tithing. There was a temple tax which Jesus and the disciples paid.

The teaching on tithing is  the `little leaven´: A little leaven, a slight inclination to error, or a few false teachers, leavens the whole lump, it perverts the whole concept of faith or misleads the whole church.”Gal. 5:9 Amp Bible. 

The sacrificing system of Judaism ended in 70 AD with the destruction of the temple. Therefore their Law is also extinct and also throws weight on why we should not be part of that Law.

Ministers who have come to realise this corrupt doctrine, have repented. Their congregations now live in the light of the Word, and give according as the Holy Spirit directs and they are thriving.

For my part I have confidence toward you in the Lord, that you will take no contrary view of the matter but will come to think with me…” Gal. 45:10a Amp. Bible.

“Cursed is everyone who does not continue to do everything written in the Book of the Law’” Galatians 3:10 NIV.

We are to give as the Holy Spirits directs us. If we believe we are pleasing God by conforming to the tithe system then we have no understanding of Paul´s teaching for giving, or the instructions for Christian living as set out in Acts 15. We are not living by Grace, but by works making us part of the predicted final falling away from the true faith..